Natural Remedies: Honey

Obesity with PCOS
Majority of women with PCOS manifest obesity as a symptom of their underlying hormonal disorder. It is very important to attend to this problem because obesity is often a precursor to diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, arthritis, etc. In an earlier post on Fenugreek we saw that insulin resistance often causes obesity. An excellent remedy for weight-loss is Honey.

Remedy: Honey
Ayurveda has established several curative properties of honey. For women with PCOS, honey helps in losing weight if administered as described in the section 'Treatment Methodology' below. In this form it can burn fat very efficiently. It works by reducing hunger and frequent craving for food.

Treatment Methodology
It is important to follow the instructions given below when administering honey to the PCOS patient.
-Honey: 1 tbsp.
-Lemon: 4 tbsp.
-Lukewarm (NOT hot) water: 200-250 ml

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly to make the drink. The patient is to take this drink every morning on an empty stomach and wait for about 1/2 an hour before ingesting anything else. Follow the drink with soaked Fenugreek seeds if using that treatment protocol as well.

Honey can take different properties depending on how it is administered to the patient. Please note the following:
- The amount of honey intake should be moderate. Excess honey can raise sugar-level in the blood and aggravate insulin resistance. Preferably PCOS patients should avoid taking honey in any form of preparation other than the one described under 'Treatment Methodology'.
-Honey should never be heated. Heating breaks down some of the nutrients in honey and creates toxins that are harmful to the human body. Avoid all preparations (cookies, granola bars, cereals, etc.) that process honey by heating.
-In the same note, much of the commercially available honey is processed by heating/pasteurizing. Please do not use this honey. Raw, organic honey is the best remedy and is available abundantly in most health stores these days.
-Mixing honey with milk causes weight gain and is useful in anaemic conditions; this should be completely avoided by women with PCOS. Beware of cereals with honey!

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