Cleansing/Detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins from the body. The normal human body gets rid of metabolic and hormonal remains that are continuously generated everyday. If these wastes are not thrown out, they become toxic. Over a period of time the toxins accumulate in various parts of the body and cause disease. Poor life-style, unhealthy eating habits, use of hormonal drugs and birth-control pills, pesticides, chemicals, etc. accelerate the accumulation. Stress and lack of fresh air and exercise make it tougher to eliminate them from the body.

Liver, colon, kidneys and skin are the major facilitators of the elimination process. For good health, these organs should function efficiently. Particularly in the treatment of PCOS, liver health is of paramount importance since it is the clearing-house of insulin. Excess insulin is a major cause of hirsutism, obesity and lack of ovulation. Also important is skin health in order to control acne and acanthosis nigricans.

While a diet rich in fiber helps smooth elimination of wastes and prevent further accumulation of toxins, it may not be sufficient to get rid of toxins already in the system. A cleansing/detoxification program is the right way to begin the treatment. In fact many women find that cleansing not only improves their symptoms of PCOS but also cures other problems such as metabolic sluggishness, joint-pain, headache, depression, etc.

Detoxifying Agents
The simplest way to get rid of water-soluble toxins is to sure that ample consumption of water. It ensures healthy kidneys and general well-being. Water-therapy describes a well-established and time-tested technique for cleansing with water.

Purging with laxatives improves liver and colon health. It improves metabolism and removes accumulated toxins from the liver, gall bladder, colon and blood. It reverses obesity and improves insulin sensitivity. Castor oil is one of the safest and inexpensive laxatives that works very well for PCOS.

For cleansing the skin (to treat acne, acanthosis nigricans), castor oil, sesame oil and coconut oil may be used. They help in removing toxins from the underlying tissues and the blood.

A simple herbal cleanser is Triphala. It stimulates bile secretion and detoxifies the liver and colon. In addition has ingredients that nourish blood and tissues in the body, moderate cholesterol levels and improve digestion and assimilation.

These detoxification procedures as applicable to treatment of PCOS are discussed in other posts in this blog.

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