Natural Remedies: Bermuda grass

Menorrhagia with PCOS
Many women suffering from PCOS present with menorrhagia - a condition which causes excessive and prolonged bleeding (for weeks/months). It is important to correct the problem because severe blood loss can cause anaemia and exhaustion. Besides, menorrhagia is usually accompanied by anovulatory menstrual cycles that characterize PCOS.

Mainstream medicine advocates birth-control pills/progesterone shots to control the bleeding and fake the natural cycles. While this works for some women, for many it fails to arrest the excessive/prolonged bleeding. For some, the protocol works initially but fails after a few courses of the treatment. In any case, the accompanying side-effects are severe and difficult to reverse with mainstream treatment. So we turn to Bermuda Grass, an effective natural remedy.

Remedy: Bermuda Grass
Bermuda Grass (Dhurva, Arugampillu, Cynodon dactylon) is a common grass that grows wildly (in weed-like proportions!) in warm tropical climate. It is a very effective cure for menorrhagia. It can control excess/prolonged bleeding within just a few hours to a couple of days. It also improves glucose metabolism. It is a good long-term cure for alopecia areata and acanthosis nigricans. It is very effective in reversing side-effects of drugs/hormonal medications. It also calms the nervous system and improves the eye-sight.

Treatment Methodology
Bermuda grass has different curative properties in different preparations. Patients suffering from menorrhagia are advised to drink the following decoction 2-3 times a day if bleeding does not stop within 5-6 days of onset of periods. The decoction may be continued for about 5-8 days after the bleeding ceases.
Bermuda grass decoction
-Fresh cut Bermuda grass: Fistful
-Lukewarm water: 200 ml
Rinse the fresh Bermuda Grass carefully to remove clay/mud/soil. Cut the roots off and beat the grass with water in a mixer. Strain and discard the fibrous remains. The decoction should be consumed within an hour of preparation; else, it loses its potency.

When the bleeding stops, other remedies (Ashoka, Shatavari) may be used to stimulate ovulation and set the menstrual cycle in order.

Use of this decoction once a day for at least 2-3 months helps with reversing alopecia areata and acanthosis nigricans.

Fresh grass may be substituted by tablets/powder of the grass extracts.

Bermuda grass in conjunction with other natural remedies has provided good relief to many women with PCOS. We will see more information on this in some of our case-studies.

If using fresh cut Bermuda grass, please take the following precautions.
- Ensure that the grass is not mixed with some similar-looking weeds (Use an expert's advice to identify the grass correctly).
- Ensure that the grass is raised on a land that is not exposed to pesticides/insecticides.
- Rinse with extra care to avoid ingestion of clay/mud/soil.

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