Birth 1982
Menarche 1995
Weight 165 lbs. (obese) at the time of starting holistic treatment
Height 5'7"
History 1995-1998

Menstrual periodicty: 30 days; Duration of menses: 6-8 days


Menstrual periodicty:45-60 days, Duration of menses: 15-25 days; Severe acne, mild acanthosis nigricans, mild hirsutism

Holistic remedies2003-2004

Ayapon: 2 tabs, 2 times a day from 7th-12th day of onset of menses, 1 tab twice a day other days;
Decrease in duration of menses to 10-11 days within 3 months with periodicity of 35-40 days; further decrease to 6-7 days over next 3 months; Mild improvement of acne; complete recovery from acanthosis nigricans; mild hirsutism remains

2005-2006 Aerobic exercises (3-5 hours a week), low-carb high-fiber diet regimen; Fenugreek, Tulsi and Honey preparations;
Menstrual periodicity : 27-35 days; Duration of menses: 5-6 days;
Moderate improvement of acne; Improved hirsutism; Weight: 145 lbs.

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