Ayapon is a herbal formulation marketed by Alarsin. It is indicated for a variety of bleeding disorders such as menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, polymenorrhea and even bleeding gums and piles. It is an excellent medication particularly for those with abnormal bleeding patterns (excess/prolonged bleeding, prolonged spotting, etc.).

Treatment Protocol
In my experience, it works extremely well as an independent treatment protocol for women who have not been subjected to long-term hormonal treatment/birth-control. For such women, even bizarrely abnormal cycles become rhythmic and normal within 3-4 months of treatment.

For women with chronic and stubborn symptoms (sometimes occurring from hormonal therapy/birth-control), Ayapon often needs to be supplemented by insulin-sensitizing and ovulation-stimulating herbs. And diet and exercise regimen must be strictly followed. Improvements start occurring within 3-4 months of the treatment.

There have not been any noticeable side-effects even with long-term (over a year) use of the medicine. But a majority of the women get better within 8-10 months of the treatment and are able to get off the medicine.

The case-studies section discusses treatment protocols with Ayapon and their efficacy.

Ingredients of Ayapon
- Jeevanti (Leptadenia Reticulata)
- Kamboji (Breynia Patens)
- Ayapan (Eupatorium triplinerve)
- Ashok Chhal (Saraca indica)
- Nagkesar (Messua ferrea, Ironwood Tree)
- Godanti Bhasma (Naturally occurring calcium salt)

Check the product description for more information and research papers.

This content is for presented as a source of general information only. An expert's advice should be taken before starting a treatment and care should be exercised when taking medicines.

The author has no financial interest in or affiliation to Alarsin or distributors/salespersons of Ayapon.

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